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Binu M. Devassia.

Mullayil House. Surabhi Kavala. Pulpally. Wayanad. Kerala. India.
Mob: (+91) (0) 98465 86810

Born on 1990 April 18, I have been suffering from severe problem of breaking bones (Brittle Bones) since I was one and half year old. The news about my condition was broadcast by Manorama News (a Malayalam TV Channel). Seeing this, a team of Homoeo doctors lead by Dr. P.G. Hari visited me and started homoeo treatment on October 15, 2006. Though the treatment of 6 months gave some strength to my bones, I was still not able to walk. Meanwhile Dr. Hari had put up one of my poems in www.chintha.com (a Malayalam Literary Website) and many people contacted me after seeing it and offered help. Mr. K G Suraj (Trivandrum) had contacted me and put up my poems in Google-Orkut through which I got lot of friends who came forward to help me for further treatment. As I was still not able to walk and crawled around my house, Dr Hari took me to Rajesh Vaidyan, Global Ayurvedics, Kaniyambetta. I had first stage treatment of 14 days from July 25, 2007 at Global Ayurvedics. Then follow up medications continued at home for 90 days. The second stage treatment of 21 days started on 21 November, 2007. With this treatment, now I was able to walk properly and able to perform all my personal activities without others help. Now I am studying Electronic Mechanic course at Karunya Nivas, Thonichal, Mananthavady. I am indebted to Rajesh Vaidyan and staff of Global Ayurvedics for the traditional Ayurvedic treatment they provided, and Kairali Viewers Forum, Dr Hari, Mr. Suraj, Ms Latha (Trivandrum) and many other friends for helping in varied ways to facilitate my unexpected recovery and returning to normal life with ability to walk and do things and continue studies.

Even a minor fall or hit or pressing used to break my bones. My left leg bone was severely broken in a fall and I had a surgery at Kasthurba Medical College, Manipal (Karnataka) and the doctors fitted a steel rod in my left leg. Modern Medical system refers my health problem as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. When I was 9 years, I slipped and fell down in my school and broke my right leg bones. I had to stop going to school but out of sheer will power continued studying through the Literacy Mission. Teacher Mr. Vijayakumar used to come to my house and teach me. I was always in bed at that time. I used to crawl on the floor to move


Indrajith. D.

Kannekat House. Thuravur. Alappuzha. Kerala. India.
Mob: (+91) (0) 98951 57865

I have been suffering from an extreme form of eczema and took many treatments from many clinics and hospitals in and around Ernakulam and Alappuzha. But no treatment was fully effective though there will be reduction in severity for sometime due to treatments and will increase intensity soon. I have been suffering severely. I was not able to lead a normal life. I was not even able wear clothes because almost all of my body was with rashes, itching and bleeding always. I was not even able to sleep in beds and mats and used to sleep on green banana leaf. I approached Dr Satheesan and Rajesh Vaidyan of Global Ayurvedics with this severe condition (2003). Within few weeks of difficult and intensive treatment, the eczema problem was completely cured, and now I lead a normal life.


Ms. Ratmani Thankappan.

Chakkayil House. Chundakolli. Wayanad. Kerala, India.
Mob: (+91) (0) 98478 91646

was suffering from severe Spondylosis for more than two decades. I had undergone many treatments in many clinics and hospitals including Ayurvedic treatments. Though pain will be reduced during such treatments, it will come back again soon. The problem continued for many years and became more and more severe and I used to depend on pain killers regularly to relieve pain. During that period (2001), we visited Dr Mohammed Bappu, who started Ayurvedic practice in Pulpally and he advised us to get admitted at Global Ayurvedics where he was consulting at that time. With the intensive traditional Ayurvedic treatment of 21 days and follow up medications at home, I was relieved of the Spondylosis problem completely and now able to lead normal life and do my work properly. I am really grateful to Dr Satheesan Kurumthodath, Dr. Mohammed Bappu, Rajesh Vaidyan and all staff at Global Ayurvedics for the effective treatment and care they provided and for giving me a new life without back pain.

Ms. Nafeesa Jafer.

Padippurakkal House. Kolichal. Vythiri. Wayanad. Kerala. India.

Nearly a year ago (beginning of 2008) suddenly I lost my eyesight completely. I and family were so worried and went immediately to the leading Eye Hospital in Wayanad and after various tests the doctors said that there are neural problems and Laser surgery is required. As the surgery was costly we decided to defer it for sometime because of lack of money. At that time I remembered about Rajesh Vaidyan of Global Ayurvedics, who had treated and cured my Spondylosis problem years ago. So we came to Global Ayurvedics and Rajesh Vaidyan provided traditional Ayurvedic treatments and some medicines to be continued for a few weeks. But within a week itself I got my eyesight back fully and I am deeply indebted to Rajesh Vaidyan, Global Ayurvedics, earlier for treating and curing my Spondylosis problem and again saving me by bringing back light into my eyes.

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